Benefit from exclusive local distribution rights


We are looking for exclusive distributors, solar installers and wholesalers who can stock our panels and supply them to local homeowners, developers, government projects and businesses. We are looking for distributors worldwide.

Complete our distributor application form below to apply for local exclusivity today!

Please note that a stock purchase of a 20ft container of panels (260- 360 solar panels) will be required to secure the rights to become an exclusive local distributor. You will also need to bring the container in from your nearest international sea port.

To qualify you will need to order some stock. If you can do this, we will grant you local exclusivity. We can even send you the leads we receive to help you sell more panels.

The benefits of being a distributor include:

  • Represent this fantastic solar brand in your area.

  • Secure exclusive local distribution rights with your first order.

  • You will then effectively 'own' the brand locally so that you can grow the brand locally!

  • This means you can promote our brands knowing that customers can only buy from you!

  • The big Chinese brands don't often offer local exclusivity. They just want to sell to everyone including your competitors! 

  • Benefit from one of the longest panel warranties on the market.

  • Enjoy reliable and enthusiastic customer support.

  • You will be sent any sales leads we receive for your area.

  • You will be sent marketing materials and presentations. You will be sent product updates and new innovations.

  • Sales training can be provided via Skype or when our account manager visits your office.

Use the form below to apply for local exclusivity:

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